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As a part of my Honeymoon trip I've rented a Locauto car to drive from Rome to Amalfi (where I had a 5 star hotel Booked) wich would be returned in Napoli airport in 4 days. I was a given a brand new, 400 kms, fiat 500 (the big one).

license number EY439VW. 2 hours after receiving the car, aproximately 150 kms from Rome to Amalfi I noticed problems with the car gear, that wasn't responding.Without an Italian telephone number and out of my country I tried to figure by myself what to do, so called, using very expensively my Brasilian telephone, Locautos customer service. The customer service advised me to call the Roma Termini officce. So, I called the Roma Termini officce, desperate for a help and the atendant responded me that "he was absolute sure the brand new car did not have any trouble, the trouble was definitly with me that didn't know how to drive not automatic cars (wich is absolutely not true since I've driven cars with gear my hole life in Brasil)".

So that I should figure out a way out by myself. I then called a road service, found on my locauto brouchure. 1 hour latter a tow with no English speaking man towed me to somewhere, a small city. There, again with no English spokers and still not knowing what to do, the mechanic using my cell phones translator explained me it was a manufacturing problem with the car and he would help me calling Locauto and figuring what to do.

The same Locauto attendand that I had talked to the phone before than told me he figured it was in fact a car manufacturing problem, that had anything to do with me. It was just "Fiat's fault and bad luck" but never appologised. He said that unfurtunatelly he could not help me with transportation and in order to get a new a car I should find somehow a way to get to Locautos office in Rome or Naples. So again, by myself, I had to get a ride from the mechanic to the train station and, carring with my nwly wife 4 big bags, find a train to Naples.

I latter discovered I had to change trains to get there, by self again, and carried the 4 big bags trough big star in a small town train station. 3 hour latter I got to Naples, jumped into a taxi and headed to Locauto in the airport. There, in the airport, I was given by a very unsensitive emplyee a worse car than the first one I had, but "there was nothing I could do, it was either accept it, or walk". So i took the car and had no trouble with it.

The last and final surprise came when returning the second car in Naples, before my return to Brasil. I was charged not only the fuel but also a refuelling service (as if I could have fuelled a broken car myself).

The lady again told me that, even though she found it unfair herself there was nothing she could do, because it had nothing to do with the car rented in her officce, in Naples. So, resuming and summing: 17 euros of train (small city to Naples) 20 euros of taxi (Naples train station to airport) 20.08 + IVA wuros for fuel 35 + IVA euros for refuelling service The worst service and custumer support I've ever seen The worst experience in my Honeymoon trip A back damage for carryng the bags Half a day in a 369 euros/day Hotel

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Locautorent. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $500 and wants Locautorent to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was customer service and cars quality. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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